Major opportunity for commercial developers in Mustang, Oklahoma

Major opportunity for commercial developers

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What Our Clients Say

Hear firsthand from those who've experienced our unparalleled real estate expertise. Discover why we're Oklahoma City's trusted choice for both residential and commercial ventures.

"Carol Was an Absolute Game-Changer for our Business"

“Working with Carol was an absolute game-changer for our business. She didn’t just provide us with the information we needed; she became our trusted advisor. From the very beginning, she understood our goals and aspirations, and her expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping us make the right decisions. Carol truly cared about our success and went above and beyond to protect and guide us in our best interest. Carol is without a doubt the best in the industry, and we wouldn’t consider anyone else for our real estate needs.”

Bob | Represented by Carol

"Choosing Carol Was the Best Decision We Could Have Made"

“Choosing Carol was the best decision we could have made when searching for our dream home. She didn’t just provide us with information; she provided us with advice and support every step of the way. Carol’s caring approach made us feel seen, heard, and understood. She took the time to truly understand our needs and desires, and she became our trusted guide throughout the entire process. Her clarity, simplicity, and certainty gave us the confidence we needed to make one of the most important decisions of our lives. With Carol, we didn’t just find a house; we found a home and a partner we can always rely on.”

Emily | Represented by Carol

"Forever Grateful for Carol's Dedication and Support"

“When it comes to residential real estate, there’s no one better than Carol Hefner. She is not just an agent; she advocates and champions for her clients. From the moment we started working together, we knew Carol had our best interests at heart. She didn’t just sell us a property; she found us a home. Her warm and caring approach made us feel like we were part of a family. Carol guided us with her expertise, and her advice was always in line with what was best for us. We are forever grateful for Carol’s dedication and support, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trusted advisor in the real estate market.”

Terry | Represented by Carol


Questions? We've got answers! Dive into our frequently asked questions to understand more about our services, processes, and what makes us the preferred choice in Oklahoma City's real estate market.

What distinguishes your services from other real estate agents in Oklahoma City?

Our 50-year legacy in both residential and commercial real estate, combined with our value-oriented approach and commitment to win-win negotiations, sets us apart. Our clients benefit from our depth of experience, extensive market insights, and dedication to their succe

Do you provide assistance beyond the initial property transaction?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive transaction management, resources, referrals, and problem-solving to ensure our clients are supported throughout and even after the transaction is completed.

How do you determine the value and pricing of properties?

We conduct a thorough market analysis, considering various factors such as location, property condition, recent sales data, and current market trends. This ensures our clients receive an accurate valuation and pricing recommendation.

Can you help with commercial real estate development projects?

Yes, with a 50-year history in commercial real estate development, we offer unparalleled expertise and a unique selection of properties tailored to development aspirations and needs.

What is the 'Calterra Commercial' offering?

Calterra commercial real estate services provide a distinctive blend of value, efficiency, and win-win negotiations, ensuring clients receive top-tier services tailored to commercial real estate endeavors.

50-Year Proven Legacy

Tailored Property Selection

Maximized Investment Value

Efficient Transactions

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16716 Rainwater Trail

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